Oliver Schaaf

Oliver Schaaf, Chief Executive Officer

(Realog International Holding GmbH)

Oliver Schaaf held several leading management positions for Lufthansa Cargo AG, D.Logistics AG, Cargo Service Center BV, TransCare AG and has more than 25 years of international experience in the aviation and logistics industry.
«From our offices in Germany, North America and Middle East our clients are getting market and results oriented innovative business, process management, engineering and IT solutions through our detailed in-depth skills in management and technology consulting. We employed world class senior consultants and engineers to see that our clients receive high value results through our services. We follow process oriented and modularized approach in planning and designing of infrastructure and material handling systems for Cargo Terminals, Automatic Car Parking Systems, Logistics Facilities and Baggage Handling Systems to achieve for our clients economical and high performance result oriented operations.»

Nana Markovich

Nana Markovich, Managing Partner

(RealogRU Russia)

Nana Markovich has many years experiences in management of technology projects and business development in Russia. She was the First Director of ┬źDietsmann Technologies┬╗ subsidiary in Moscow, leaders in Oil, Gas, Power and Mining Plant Operation & Maintenance.
Recently she coordinated the development of Moscow Cargo Terminal at SVO Airport.

Makram Karim

Makram Karim, Managing Partner

(Realog Consultants Inc. Canada)

Makram Karim has over 20 years experience in Real Estate Development, Project & Construction Management, Architecture and Engineering Design Management and held several leading positions with major Makram Karim Real Estate Developers and International Consultancy firms. Makram Karim is also a member of leading professional organisations including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Royal institute of British Architects (RIBA). Over the years Makram Karim has held leading positions in Multi-Billion dollar Projects including Mixed use Development, Airports facilities and logistics industry.
“Our experience and diverse technical knowledge provides our clients with the complete solution that covers the Building Envelope design specifically for the Technological State-of the-Art Systems designed taking into account the Architectural aspects in terms of function, building materials and aesthetics. Our Engineering and Project Management experience insure that our Projects are fully functional and built to the highest international standards”

Tarik el Sheikh

Tarik el Sheikh, Dubai Resident Manager

(Realog Dubai)

Tarik el Sheikh, Electrical Engineer, has more than 15 years international experiences in the gulf region.
“Dubai is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The large world-class infrastructure projects require professional and reliable technical engineering and project management services. To work for REALOG as German Engineering Consultancy Company and be part of the development of their business for Airport Engineering, Automated Car Parking Systems and Traffic Planning meets my personal and professional ambitions”.

Barry Zigner

Barry Zigner, Managing Partner

(Realog Systems GmbH)

Barry Zigner is a managing partner and co-founder of Realog Systems GmbH. Barry Zigner is an expert in air cargo IT Systems, process optimization, air cargo hub process design, supply chain visibility platform design, and supply chain collaboration software systems.
Prior to forming Realog Systems, Barry Zigner founded Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) and served as its Chief Executive Officer in charge of marketing, sales and implementation of an Air Cargo Handling ERP package. Barry Zigner developed HLT from pre-revenue to exit with multi-million annual turnover and a product that is considered the best in class for Cargo handling terminals. Mr. Zigner is consulting for major aviation organizations on process optimization and efficiencies.

David Kaplan

David Kaplan, Managing Partner

(ODG International, associated partner company of Realog)

David Kaplan is an analytics, research and investment, development and strategic Expert of Air Cargo Industries and Logistics Facilities. David Kaplan was responsible for quantitative analysis, investment modeling and/or investment banking in over 300 project finance transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $3.5 billion terminals. Mr. Kaplan is consulting for major aviation organizations on process optimization and efficiencies.