Why REALOG's Consulting Services for Automatic Car Parking Systems?

  • Each Carparking Solution is taylor-made for the clients requirements.
  • Identification of the specific risks of investing in an ACPS.
  • Identification of measures which will avoid or minimize the risks.
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  • Development of operator and user requirements by consideration of traffic peak hours.
  • Setting industrial standards by determining adequate commercial and technical specification for contracting.
  • A detailed technical tender specification and review of all material submittals and shop drawings and testing phase to assure a high quality of material, availability of the system, performance of the operation and life cycle of ACPS of minimum 25 years.
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  • Through this rigorous Tender Process Clients will get the best technical solution by reducing the investments up to 20%.
  • Prevention of unnecessary down time of the system by using the most reliable system elements available. Such elements are typically used in the conveying and storage systems of the cargo, logistics and automotive industry.
  • Sufficient provisions for minimizing the duration of preventive maintenance and repairs.
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REALOG's methodology with the expertise to determine the reliability parameters, design items and technical specifications for the ACPS and supervise the fabrication, installations and commissioning according to the specification.

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